Almighty God , Amon Ra , I have just come to your oracle temple to ask your forgiveness first then your bless and eternity . Oh my dear great worrier, I will fulfil your wish, give you my bless and power but the eternity is just for Gods but I will grant you a solar boat and here God Horus will accompany you to go deep and deep in the future and see what will your successors do. Glorious God , it is really kind of you . I really never expected that even my dreams won’t even show. Oh my dear son , we are now sailing in the future, I will show you a lot of things and you will ask more and much but my advice to you is not to ask or even touch. Thanks a lot my great God , I really love your company a lot. My father Horus, what a great city there with a long charm coast ,has fantastic sand beaches with various ships and boats. I can see a huge citadel here and vast gardens with magnificent palaces there . Here a beautiful marble theatre and a giant pillar there, an impressive library facing the sea here and a fancy dug catacomb deep over there. I really wonder all the grandeur and I wish wander off everywhere. Oh my dear son, don't be in hurry, this unique city has a great story. Here we dock our boat on the shore to get through this strong Qaitbay citadel door. which was built by a Mamlouk king far a long time before but you don't know that once before there was another impressive structure here, it was the grand light house that was destroyed by an earthquake was near. Now from the top of the citadel wall you can see the whole city with its fancy shore, all what you do, you just look, you can't say anything at all, look at the building with the fantastic Islamic decoration, it's Al Morsy abo Al Abbas mosque , they call, then look at the round building there which looks like the solar disc that faces the north, it's the great library and its planetarium which looks like a black ball. This fancy building was built recently on the place of the Ptolemaic ancient library ,dear. Now let's visit our lord Oserapis Temple close to the high granite pompey's pillar that was built in roman time. We can also ask our lord to show us his sacred cemetery which is dug in a bed of lime, and ask him to show us the adjacent secret library with many sacred manuscripts from ancient time, then we ask him his bless before leaving to the catacomb, which has fantastic decoration carved on the walls of its main tomb. Oh my dear son, I think you are getting tired so let's take some rest there, on the marble tiers of that magnificent roman theatre and listen carefully to the pleasant musical concert there. Then we can go to that vast fancy Montazah Park and walk on its magical bridge crossing the sea before the dark, and then have our delicious dinner in the beautiful Haramlek Palace, afterword in the Salamlic Palace, we can enjoy a sound and warm night in a really great land mark. Wake up my son, we are leaving right now my dear, but before that have a look through the window to the sea water which is such crystal clear. Oh my great father, God Horus, please let me stay here more. I really can't stand leaving this modern city with that magnificent shore. But my dear we have to leave even you beg me more and more. Then my father let me know about this city little bit more. What's its name? Who built it? and what is the sea which make its shore? My dear son, I am afraid to make you feel that poor, but I will tell you now my great founder. This is Alexandria city which named after you great Alexander.

oracle temple

Temple of the Oracle in Siwa Oasis.

Qaitbay citadel

The fort was built in about 1480 by Sultan Qayetbay, the Burgi Mamluk ruler of Egypt. The site of the fort was once occupied by the famous ancient lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The lighthouse was subject to earthquakes and despite efforts of some Arab rulers to restore it; it finally collapsed in a 14th century tremor. Sultan Qayetbay used the lighthouse debris in the construction of his fort.

Al Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque

The mosque was built in the 18th century by Algerians over the tomb of Al Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque, a 13th century Islamic leader. It was rebuilt and renovated in the first half of the 20th century. The Mosque is huge (the biggest in Alexandria) with a high minaret and four remarkable domes. It served as a religious symbol of the city.

Pompey’s Pillar

An approximately 25m red Aswan granite column with a circumference of 9 m, was constructed in honor of the Emperor Diocletain. Nearby are subterranean galleries where sacred Apis bulls were buried, and three sphinxes. After his defeat by Julius Caesar in the civil war, Pompey fled to Egypt where he was murdered in 48 BC; mediaeval travelers later believed he must be buried here, and that the capital atop the corner served as a container for his head. In fact, the pillar was raised in honor of Diocletain at the very end of the 4th century. Diocletain captured Alexandria after it had been under siege. The Arabs called it "Amoud el-Sawari", Column of the Horsemen. The Pillar is the tallest ancient monument in Alexandria.

Montazah Palace

The Montazah Palace was built in 1892 by Abbas II, the ruler of Egypt, as a royal residence. King Fouad made some additions and his son King Farouk built the bridge that extends in the water. The complex includes two hotels: Palestine and Salamlek. In addition to enjoying the greenery, there are fine beaches, whether in the hotels or the public ones. The rest of the complex is nothing but lavish gardens ideal for picnics. The place is really Alexandria's best place for relaxation.

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