What a fierce battle between God Horus the protection falcon God and his uncle God set The evil God, Sweering to avenge his father God Osiris's death , in the River Nile by his impressive temple of Edfu, Horus is celebrating his victory a long the River visiting the crocodile God Sobek hugging him and thanking him for begging his brother God Harories to come back after everything even the crops turned to gold . My brother, gold is not everything . We can't live on only gold. We need your bless and your fertility, we need to be together all the way so I am sharing you kom ombo temple and sharing you people's love. Let's break the High Dam between us and go to Philea Island to visit our mother Goddess Isis in Philae Temple after carving a beautiful Oblisk from the rose granite quarry for her then on a feluka taking her some roses from the potanical garden near by the Nobles valley to ask her for forgiveness and her permission for accompanying her on her visit to the Nubian Village having Hibiscus tea together and seeing my baby crocodiles there then setting back and relaxing on the top of a spectacular Nile Cruise where we live , learn and experience the incredible Nile River. My dear brother God Horus , wake up please . I want to cross the High Dam to swim in the great Lake and visit all my relatives over there from crocodiles and I promise you another magical cruise on the lake to enjoy relaxation and visit Kalabsha, new Sebuaa and new Amada Temples and tombs then visit our mother Goddes Hathor for asking her some sacred milk like that she gave to her daughter Nefertary in Abo Simple to be the most beautiful lady on earth and gave her the happiness with her husband Ramsess Two who built her that impressive Temple of Nefertary beside his own stunning Abo Simple Temple then after having our lunch , taking some rest before watching the marvelous sound and light show in front of the two giant temples of Ramsess and his lover Nefertari. Finally ,setting back and relaxing on the top of a spectacular Lake Cruise where we live , relax and experience the incredible Lake of Nasser.

temple of Edfu

The Temple of Horus in Edfu (also known as the Temple of Edfu) is considered the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt. It was built in the Ptolemaic era from 237 to 57 BC.

Philae Temple

The Egyptian island of Philae was the center for worship of the goddess Isis and attracted pilgrims from all over the ancient world. The original island is now completely submerged under the waters of Lake Nasser. But in a spectacular rescue operation, the great temples and monuments of Philae were pulled out of the water and re-erected on a nearby island (Agilika Island), now renamed Philae.

kom ombo temple

The Temple of Kom Ombo located about 4Km south of the town of Kom ombo. It was dedicated to two Gods, Horus and the crocodile God Sobek, it was built by Ptolemy VI, and dating back to 119 BC.

Nubian Village

Nubian Village that is located on West Bank of the River Nile in Aswan and just opposite to Soheil Island and near the Aswan Dam passing by the First Cataract of Aswan

Nobles valley

These tombs are some of the best least-visited attractions on the west bank. Nestled in the foothills opposite the Ramesseum are more than 400 tombs belonging to nobles from the 6th dynasty to the Graeco-Roman period. Where royal tombs were decorated with cryptic passages from the Book of the Dead to guide them through the afterlife, the nobles, intent on letting the good life continue after their death, decorated their tombs with wonderfully detailed scenes of their daily lives.

Abo Simple Temple

Is an archaeological site comprising two massive rock temples in southern Egypt along the Nile about 290 km southwest of Aswan. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of "Nubian Monuments" which run from Abu Simbel downriver to Philae. The Great Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel consists of four seated colossal statues of Ramses II carved into the mountain, forming one of the boldest temple facades in the world. It is aligned so the sun's rays travel through the mountain and illuminate Ramses' sanctuary twice a year: on October 22 and February 22. The second temple (the smaller) is dedicated to Nefertari, Ramses II favourite wife.

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