On the top of Saladin citadel and in the middle of a vast open air court, a pleasant oriental music goes high in the sky, takes with it a fancy skirt of the dervish that is whirling as a butterfly , drums knock on your heart and suddenly your spirit rises high and high ,  flies away then land on a tower which is not only high but it's the highest tower in Cairo even higher than the great Cairo Tower with its beautiful form of lotus flower , the symbol of real love and Egypt's upper. It is the minaret of the Alabaster Mosque which is the jewel of Cairo during Islamic power, it never comes true if you dream of that amazing scene from such a mosque tower, you won't only see the pyramids of Giza, those are about twenty kilometer far, but also the whole city of Cairo with its thousand minarets and its Nile which is just few kilometers far.

Near by you can see the two grand mosques of Sultan Hassan the Mamlouk king and Al- Refa'i which was built by The Hanim Khushyar, the mother of the nineteenth century Khedive Isma'il Pasha, just as a copy of the mosque which is few meters far.

The two giant mosques try to tell you about the beauty of Islamic architecture and how much unique they are.

        They never forget their neighbor mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, the glorious one with the only minaret has a spiral outer staircase, they always try to tell, they draw their inspiration from Amr Ibn El-Ass Mosque of the first Islamic capital which named Al Fustat, which is known well, with its vast area and the Islamic style bazaar.

       "Fustat" means "tent" and the tent was a part of the siege that is made by Muslims around the fortress that is ruled by the Romans to control the country well, to torture the Coptic people there ,to slaughter and kill . "Coptic" means "Christian" but who in Egypt dwell. With the help of the Coptic people to the new comers Muslims , the Romans are defeated in The Babylon high fortress which is the Coptic worst fear, The Muslims were very thoughtful to the Coptic lived there, therefore they gave the fortress to them as a present to live and worship their own God there, the Coptic never expect one day they will get rid of the Roman's cruel, mean and long nightmare,  So soon they build a church on the highest two towers of that defeated fortress in order to eventually ,submit the Romans to their victory , the result was fantastic , the holly Hanging Church which is the Old Cairo special, if you visit there.  With its unique icons and the colored amazing carving, tell you the grandeur of the clear Christian history , tell you the real way for the Holy family during its flight to Egypt day by day, lead you to the Holly Crypt under St. Sergius Church and tell you the story of Ibrahim Ben Ezra Synagogue which was before a church, where according to tradition Moses was found in the basket  after being abandoned in the water of the River Nile that is already near where you can take a feluka ride in order to watch the grand beautiful buildings on its both banks and see the Cairo Opera House and giant Cairo Tower. When you reach the dock you just go across from , where you can see a unique building with a big central dome , it is the Egyptian Museum where you can't only see the best treasure in all over the world, those for Tut Ankh Amon and some other pharaohs but also the stunning Mummies of some of those famous pharaohs,  to tell you how the ancient Egyptians were very developed , civilized and very real religious .

       Then after that big historical meal you just have a quick snack then leave from there passing by down town reach the top of the city culture and traditions in the heart of Islamic Cairo where you can experience Khan El-Khalili Bazaar.         

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