Misr ( is the Arabic name for Egypt)

    Welcome to Misr , the place where every visitor will experience amazing , where a solid fact is where ever you go you will be surrounded by warm friendly smiles.

" Egypt is the gift of the Nile "

    That was said by Herodotus the great Greek historian when he visited Egypt in the third century b.c. that because he believed that if there was no river , there was no Egypt but in another point of view we can say that "Egypt is the gift of the Nile and Egyptians " that is because from the beginning of the history , the river was flooding everywhere and covering the land , destroying houses , killing people and animals , that time Egyptians were co-operating to control it by building the walls and dams , step by step they managed to control it completely and later they built  the high dam so we can proudly say that " Egypt is the gift of the Nile and the Egyptians"

       The land of the Pharaohs that connects the two continent Asia and Africa which is embraced by two main seas , the Mediterranean sea and the red sea .

     The land which has about  two thirds of the world's monuments and the longest river in the world which is the River Nile that created a vast area of fertile land with a rich history.

  We warmly welcome you to our beloved land, Egypt.       

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